Polarized lenses

Polarized Lenses

Regular sunglass lenses reduce visible light but do little to reduce reflected glare. Only polarized lenses offer the added advantages of glare reduction and the ability to minimize the effects of haze and glare. A thin polarizing film, embedded in the lens virtually eliminates the reflected light associated with glare.

These features make polarized lenses the ideal choice for active outdoor lifestyles and driving. Polarized lenses are available in glass, plastic and high index plastic. They are available in several different colors with gray an brown being the most popular.

Polarized lenses are available in many different lens styles which includes single vision, bifocals, trifocals and even progressive lenses also called bifocals without the lines. Polarized lenses aren't just during the summer but all year round. In fact, glare is at its worst in the winter because of the combination of sun and snow.

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